Membership funds contribute to important conservation projects that benefit Monteverde's community and our planet. Monteverde does not belong to the National Park System of Costa Rica, and therefore receives no contribution from the government. Your contribution is urgently needed and will be put to work immediately. We welcome donations of any size, but if you contribute $35 (U.S.) or more, we will enroll you as a member of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve.

As a member you will receive:

* Free newsletter
* Membership card
* One free admission to the Preserve on your next visit
* 20% discount on your stay at the Hotel de Montaña Monteverde
* 10% discount on tours booked through Explore Costa Rica Travel Agency
* The satisfaction of knowing your contribution helps to support research, environmental education and conservation efforts in Monteverde


Membership Form

Please choose a membership level:
__ $35 (U.S.) Individual
__ $50 (U.S.) Family
__ $100 (U.S.) Quetzal Supporter
__ $250 (U.S.) Sponsor
__ $500 (U.S.) Patron
__ $1000 (U.S.) Benefactor




Please make your check payable to Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Please this page, and send it along with your check, to:

Friends of the Monteverde Cloud Forest
P.O. Box 3172, Oakton, VA 22124

All contributions over $25 (U.S.) are tax-deductible.


Monteverde is a stronghold of bio-diversity with more than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, and over 400 species of orchids.

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Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, P.O. Box 1964 Cleveland Ohio, 44106-0164 U.S.A.