Contribute to Friends of Monteverde

Your support is our greatest strength!

Contributing to Friends of Monteverde is a good investment in the preservation of Monteverde and the future of tropical forests. As most administrative work and logistical support is donated, your contribution goes directly to:


Protect the biodiversity of Monteverde

* by collaborating with the Tropical Science Center, the nonprofit research organization that owns and manages the preserve
* by helping to purchase key pieces of forest habitat to put together a biological corridor


Ensure a harmonious relationship between the reserve and its neighbors

* by continually increasing environmental awareness among the community
* by offering environmental education programs
* by working with neighboring landowners to help them protect forest patches and to reforest degraded lands


Join the Friends of Monteverde

You can join the Friends of Monteverde.


Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve
P.O. Box 1964 Cleveland Ohio, 44106-0164 U.S.A.

In Costa Rica:
Friends of Monteverde
Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde
Tel. (506) 645-5122
Fax (506) 645 5034


Tropical rainforests cover only 5% of the Earth´s surface, yet they contain half of all the plant and animal species that share the planet with us.

Tropical Science Center



Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, P.O. Box 1964 Cleveland Ohio, 44106-0164 U.S.A.